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Company Staff

Barbara Ester Chamberlin

CEO /President

Graduated in 1969 from South Calhoun High School in Calhoun, Mississippi. Experience includes twelve years of service educating adolescents, implementing the learning process and understanding the appropriate stages of developmental actions needed to help female adolescents become successful women in today's society. In 2006, she received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Management and a Bachelor of Science Degree in  Hospitality Management from Crichton College in Memphis, Tennessee. She is a current certified CPR/First Aid (Adult and Child) and the founder and CEO/President of Ester Community Outreach and Support Services. 

Edith Greer

Secretary / Treasurer

Graduated in 1977 from Fairley High School in Memphis, Tennessee. Attended Alabama State University in Montgomery, Alabama where she completed two and a half years of study in Social Work with focuses on Community Service Options. 

In 1979 she continued her career working with physically challenged children. Eight years, she served as a volunteer support for foster parents providing care for medical fragile children and served as an Executive Administrator in Childcare for twelve years with the responsibilities for consulting four Childcare Centers in Memphis, Tennessee.

In 2002, she received certification for completion of training with development of childcare (infant thru adolescent) and survival skills for women and TECTA. In 2003 she received her Child Development Associate Credentials from Southwest Community College in Memphis, Tennessee. She currently hold a place on the Council of Professional Recognition in Childcare in Washington, DC. She is certified in CPR/First Aid, CPI Blue Card (Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Trained) recipient) and a Foster/ Resource Parent for Meritan Foster Care Agency.